Feel free to make inquiries as much as you like.
Please send details about the desired product,
usage of product, number of items, deadlines, and budget etc.
Specific details of the illustration would be greatly appreciated.
This would include the scene, character, and any other details that would help.
Further documents/details can ensure the concept of the client’s desired product is completed accurately.

2. Meetings

After the inquiry has been approved we can arrange a meeting
via email or a discussion through Zoom or Google Meeting.
Once a decision has been made, we can discuss estimated costs.
I will then provide the client a confirmation PDF document.
When these details have been confirmed by both parties, work can begin on the product.

3. Drafts

I will submit the first draft based on the information given in meeting phase.
During this phase,
please feel free to make any recommended adjustments to ensure a smooth process.
As it takes a lot of time to make great revisions to the illustration,
additional fees will be taken into consideration.

4. Final Draft

Once this stage of the process has been reached only minor details can be changed.
After a final draft has been agreed upon I will send the data of the product.

5. Payment & Announcement

We will send you the invoice in PDF format.
Please make the payment to the designated bank account.
(Private clients will receive an invoice before production begins.
Please pay half of the production cost before production begins,
and the remaining half before delivery.)
If permitted, I will help promote the product after release.
Any preferred images or text for the promotion can also be discussed.

Thank you very much for reading to the end.
If you have any further questions feel free to inquire.
Kind regards.